Today’s Music made with Yesterday’s Hits

Over the last 15 years pop music has made a big come back with the help of yesterdays’ Billboard Top 100. What does the Billboard Top 100 of every year have to do with today’s Hits?
After interviewing the biggest producer’s in the music industry
almost all of them confessed that before they create a new song they often hold listening sessions of Billboard Top 100 of every year.  Mainly because they all agreed that its the best source of inspiration but most importantly because they love to take old hits and re-invent them.  “If it was a Billboard Top 100 of an earlier year than it could do it again” says super producer Lu Diaz of the Diaz Brothers.  He says many producers and writers practice this method. Lu Diaz also said that there is no shame in it ” We are hired to make a hit record. thats our job”
Here is a list of songs that have made it into the Billboard Top 100 in the last 5 or so years which were originally hits on yesterday’s Billboard Top 100
1.) “Right Round” produced by Dr. Luke uses the melody and partial lyrics of Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round”. This was a Billboard Top 100 of  1985. It reached the #11 spot on the Billboard hot 100 chart. Doctor Luke says that his team consistently listens to songs from Billboard‘s history to inspire song ideas.
3.) “Club Can’t Handle Me” produced by David Guetta uses the chords to John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Again another producer, same concept. While listening in the studio to classic Billboard Top 100 of 1971. David and his producer’s decided to play the same chords and write a new song over them.
4.) “Good Feeling” released in 2012 contains a sample of Etta James’s vocals from the song “Something’s got a hold on me” Produced by Doctor Luke, this particular song was initially produced by Avici. A world renown dj Avici like the rest of the producers mentioned here, heard Etta James while listening through song after song from Billboard Top 100 of  1962.
5.) “I Cry” Released in 2012 as well contains a sample of Brenda Russell’s hit “Piano in the dark”. Produced by The Futuristic they as well found the Brenda Russell’s hook from listening to Billboard Top 100 of  1987. The song was turned into a number one smash for Flo Rida.

Although we love our favorite artist new music . It is hard to ignore the evidence. We can safely assume that  our favorite Pop Artist hits not only were inspired by yesterday’s Billboard Top 100 hits, but are  actual reincarnations of yesterday’s Billboard Top 100 hits .

Who Sampled Who

This website is a database of every commercial song that has borrowed or sampled another song. Very cool site that shows youtube videos of both the sampler and the sampled song from Billboard Top 100 songs.
Check it out!