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Here you will find a comprehensive list of the Billboard Top 100 Songs songs for every year since 1940 according to Billboard Magazine. Please keep in mind that some years, specially in the early years may only contain 30-80 songs. Due to the early state of the music industry and Billboard magazine itself.  

The magazine has an amazing story in how it has evolved over the years into the most popular music charts magazine in the world.  Today Billboard magazine and its charts are the industry standard for measuring the success of musical works and artist all over the world.  

When people say ” That’s a number one hit” they are referring to the number one spot on billboard magazine’s Hot 100, Top 200 Albums & the year ends top 100 charts. People want to know what are the Top 100 songs of a particular year and billboard has been keeping track since 1940. 

If you are looking for the top 100 of every year since the start of the Billboard top 100 yearly chart, you are a the right place. Have a look around and enjoy!

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