Billboard Top 100 Year End Chart


Billboard magazine‘s Yearly chart starts the first week of December to the last week in November of every year. This allows the magazine to figure its year-end charts and allows them the time to include the chart in its final print issue on the last week of December. In the past, the year end chart for singles was tabulated by a simple point system. A song gained a points for every week it spend on the chart based on the position it was in that particular week. The point system for the old Billboard Top 100 worked as follows: position 100 garnered 1 point, position 99 garnered 2 point and so on with position 1 garnering 100 points. This was a pretty basic system that only took in to consideration the radio airplay of a particular song. In 1991 Nielsen SoundScan came along and changed the Billboard Top 100 forever.


Nowadays the Billboard Top 100 year to end chart is a combination of the point system and its yearly sales performance.  The accuracy to the chart very stable with the exception of a song that may hit the number one spot in november and stays there for a period of six weeks. What happens then is the first four weeks would be considered for that particular year and the consecutive two weeks would fall to the following year.  Unfortunately that song would of charted much higher had it peaked just a few weeks prior.  The Billboard Top 100 year end chart isn’t perfect but it is still considered the authority on the most successful songs of very year of the music industry.   We all know that the Billboard Top 100 charts will again change there system in the near future, but until then this is the chart that the world’s music artist aspire to appear on.

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